Review: Voice

Title: 보이스 / Boiseu

Genre: Detective, crime, thriller

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: OCN

Broadcast period: 2017-Jan-14 to 2017-Mar-12

Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:00

Original Soundtrack: Voice OST


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Review: Signal


Drama info

Drama: Signal

Revised romanization: Sigeuneol

Hangul: μ‹œκ·Έλ„

Director: Kim Won-Suk

Writer: Kim Eun-Hee

Network: tvN

Episodes: 16

Release Date: January 22 – March 12, 2016

Runtime: Fri & Sat 20:30

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea



Hae-Young (Lee Je-Hoon) works as a criminal profiler and is also a police lieutenant. Even though he is a cop, he doesn’t trust cops due to his own past experience. Back in 2000, when Hae-Young was in elementary school, his classmate Yoon-Jung was kidnapped and later found dead. Hae-Young saw a woman taking Yoon-Jung from school that day, but the police announced that the suspect was a man. Hae-Young even went to the police station and told the police officers that he saw the kidnapper and she was a woman. The police officers though didn’t pay attention to him. The killer was never caught and her case remains unsolved to this day.

Hae-Young meets a reporter at a cafe to reveal bombshells about a celebrity scandal. Meanwhile, veteran detective Soo-Hyun (Kim Hye-Soo) is at the cafe staking out the meeting, unaware that Hae-Young is a cop. She arrests Soo-Hyun for stalking celebrities. While leaving the police station (the same police station he went to as a kid), Hae-Young hears someone talking to him. He looks around to find a walkie-talkie. The man who is talking to Hae-Young is Detective Jae-Han (Cho Jin-Woong). The detective though is from the year 2000 and he is investigating the disappearance of Hae-Young’s elementary school classmate. Hae-Young and Detective Jae-Han begin to communicate via the walkie-talkie.


Yak, akhirnya aku namatin nonton drama ini dalam 3-4 hari. Ngebut emang, ya begitulah kalo nonton drama yang bukan ongoing

Drama ini sumpah keren banget. Scriptwriter-nya keren banget. Acting pemainnya bagus-bagus. Yaiyalah bagus, cast nya emang keren-keren. Pemeran utama nya memang aktor & aktris yang memang top.

Buat yang belum nonton, maaf banget ada spoiler dikit. Ada  beberapa poin penting yang saya suka di drama ini:

  • Konsep time paradox nya dapat banget. Kalau ada sesuatu di masa lalu yang berubah, pasti akan mengubah masa depan sekecil apapun itu.
  • Karena ada beberapa kasus yang katanya based on true story, maka kalau ada kenyataan bahwa ada polisi yang korup, saksi mata itu bisa dibeli, dan barang bukti bisa dibuat itu bisa terekspose.
  • Lee Ji Hoon, entah kenapa dia cool banget disini. Kim Hye Soo, omaigad aktingnya bagussss bangets. 
  • Wow, profiler itu pekerjaan yang keren banget. Entah belajar apa itu waktu kuliah. Ada psikologi dan logika. Seems hard but it’s so cool.
  • Jempol dua buat scriptwriter-nya. Amazing plot lah. Pantes di KorSel sono banyak yang suka.
  • Sinematografi nya bagus, kayak nonton film bioskop, tapi 16 episode.

Ada yang aku kurang suka dengan drama ini:

  • Penjahatnya tidak mendapat balasan yang setimpal. Apalagi Kim Bum Jo, masa cuma mati gitu aja. Kan gak fair. Apalagi kejahatannya udah macem-macem, duh. And once a psycho, forever psycho. Ga bisa sembuh kalau cuma masuk penjara dan mental hospital.
  • Detektif Cha di php 15 tahun. It’s too cruel scriptwriter-nim.


  • Cast: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • Plot & Story: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • Cinematography: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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